We are proud to open a brand new private school which will indeed provide children within the curriculum framework KS2 through to KS5 with exceptional education which will arm them with an incredible start in life and journey into the world of higher education and top careers.

  • The centre has been accredited by multiple awarding bodies/exam boards that include AQA, WJEC, OCN and Pearson and continues to thrive in its ability to bring the best out in our children and change their lives through education and beyond. Philip Tuition center is an academic learning environment situated in the central part of Woolwich, offering a complete integrated and quality academic experience. The school offers a exceptional style of teaching that integrates children, parents and professionals.

What makes us distinctive

The need for a private school at PTC  came from parents who were seeing the effects of our teaching through tuition and began to request for private schooling that an offer their children even more of the same standards on a holistic level.

Inspirational teaching

Other than being fully qualified, our teachers are committed to our students. They go the extra length to find and help each child explore their hidden potential. Many parents choose us not only because we get the best results out of their children, we strive for the best from ourselves as educators and we do what other institutions do not do, we care for the child beyond education, we pride ourselves on equipping the children with life long experiences through bespoke practical life lessons as well as academic elite.

Bespoke academic enrichment

PTC takes a holistic view when dealing with children and that is why we also explore the following within our learning framework:

Staying safe online, What is a bill payment, Mental wellbeing,

Policies – coming soon

Term Dates – TBC

Visit us

We welcome visits for parents and children, please call us to arrange an appointment.

Admissions  – forms below

Joining from abroad

    • We can be a parents first choice if they are relocating or returning back to the UK after a long absence, please call us for more information.


    • Senior School (11-18) – £4,500 per term
    • Junior Department (8 – 11) £3,250 per term
    • These fees cover the regular curriculum, school books, stationery and other materials, but not optional extra subjects, school visits or lunch.
    • Please click here to pay your deposit


    • Fees may be paid by the Bank Direct Debit system and the necessary form can be provided either by the centre. The fees may be paid either termly in advance or by the monthly instalments (4 per term).

Fees may also be paid online:

DEPOSIT – A deposit of £800 is currently charged on the acceptance of a place and is returned at the end of your childs’ education.  It is forfeit if a pupil is withdrawn after the place had been accepted.

School meals and trips are extras


Pre-booked: £5.40 per day

On the day: £6.30



ASC rates are based on half hourly units with a discount for advance bookings

Pre-booked: £2.50 ½ hour

On the day: £3.20 ½ hour