School Partnerships

We work with schools to offer additional services to students. If your need vocabulary or numeracy building exercises for your students, then we will be more than happy to partner and work with you to deliver and fill any additional educational gaps to students.

We also run after-school clubs with a unique twist in that we offer tuition within our after-school clubs. We work very closely with the schools involved to ensure our tuition is in line with the school’s curriculum.

We don’t just offer tuition, we believe in offering tuition that helps our schools raise their standards and close learning gaps; Tuition that helps students to progress further and grow in confidence; Tuition that helps us to keep our delivery focused,  streamlined and effective.

Our students got higher than average pass rate in both their GCSEs and ALevels and we aim to keep this track record going. Join us today, fill the form below and together, we can challenge all students to raise their standards.

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