Our very dedicated parents and carers who make a very important decision to send their children to our centre for tuition know and have seen first-hand the improvement/difference our style of teaching makes to their children’s learning and confidence. The knowledge our learners gain inspires them to reach and exceed their goals.

Our teaching service is unique, unlike other academic centres, this offers opportunity for parents to receive constant feedback and also enable them to provide their contributions.

The subjects covered include; Mathematics, English, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economic, Finance and all A level courses. Philip Tuition centre offer a special style of teaching that seeks to challenge and help progress learners to their next level fast. For older learners, we also offer additional support such in the form of classes outside the given time-table, meet up with teachers for support, help with writing personal statements, references and assistance with school home work. Students are also offered extra and free mathematics classes designed to help motivate and help the learners progress much faster.

Various technology/social media is used to reach, engage and supply learners with additional support, for example, the mobile app “WhatsApp” is used to send extra practice questions.

Our students are bright, confident and enthusiastic learners with high expectations of themselves and always strive to meet new challenges and experiences that we offer.

At Philip Training Centre, academic excellence is underpinned by an extensive array of co-curricular opportunities and we pride ourselves on the diversity and inclusivity of our school community.

Philip Training Centre is fully accredited and recognised to offer and conduct GCSE ad GCE examinations. We have fully qualified teachers who support students from enrolment through to examination stages.

To discuss the possibility of your child being tutored or schooled at the Philip Training Centre, please contact our Admissions team: 020 8617 9116 or fill in our online tuition form.

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