What makes us Different?

PTC was founded 7 years ago at Woolwich Town Centre. The high quality of teaching and the continuous feedback to the parents has always been at the heart of everything we do at PTC.  The high rate of success in A levels, GSCEs and 11 plus has been a result of the hard work of the students and of course our experienced tutors! We believe in forming strong relationships between parents and tutors as we can help parents understand the progress of their children.

Our Tutors are committed to our students. They go the extra length to find and help each student explore their hidden potential. Many parents choose us not only because we get the best results out of their children, but we strive for the best from ourselves as educators.

Students and parents alike attest to the quality of the education offered at Philip Training Centre and we are driven each day to continue to make a difference.

“I like this centre and have improved in my Maths subject. The teachers are very helpful and always available when I need extra help”
Mariem Mezari (Current Student)
“One of the best tuitions my son has been to yet. He has improved more than ever and is currently still going there getting the support provided by the amazing tutors working there. The impeccable learning will allow you to improve in your classes at school”
John (Parent)
Outstanding! Professional and friendly team, always putting the students first! Helped my children to achieve their goals”
Gina (Parent)
“Best centre you could send your child to”
Musharraf  (Student)